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Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga

Chasing Bits

Chasing Bits is a reflection on this moment in time that is riddled with uncertainty and anxiety of what lays ahead. The simple JS platformer is adopted from Marijn Haverbeke's book Eloquent Javascript and re-contextualized to consider the popularization of altcoin speculation to get rich quick. Try to beat all five levels! And check the current value of your Bitcoins at any moment.

Compatibility Notes

Chasing Bits built for the desktop browser employs HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the visuals. The browser SpeechSynthesis Web API is used to vocalize a stream of consciousness rumination.


Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga is a dad, artist and professor. In his creative and pedagogical work, Ricardo seeks to establish dialogue in public spaces to help generate reflection and question individualism. Having been born of immigrant parents and grown up between Nicaragua and San Francisco, a strong awareness of inequality and discrimination was established at an early age. The ways that inequality and power manifest themselves in our lives are consistent threads in Ricardo's work. Themes such as immigration, discrimination, gentrification and the effects of commodification/monetization extend from highly subjective experiences and observations into works that tactically engage others through popular metaphors. Ricardo maintains a research-based practice that combines the hand-made with emerging technologies to present content in a manner that may generate interaction and discussion amongst participants/viewers/users.